About us

Capitol City Brewing Supply is a Father/Son business in Springfield, Illinois. The idea was born where most good ideas come from; the basement. Jeremy’s passion for small projects that develop skills led him down the path of home wine making. Years later he was introduced to home brewing and the idea was born. Blake and his father Jeremy have worked together to make Capitol City Brewing Supply; with the hopes they can bring the same family and friend bonds to people all around the area over late night home brews.

We have set out to provide the local wine and brew enthusiasts a place for conversation, experimentation, and partnership. The local area has developed quite the passion for home brew hobbies starting various organizations. Providing the customer with various products for home brew such as their grains, hops, various sanitizing agents, and equipment used to make home brews. We will cater to the most advanced home brews organizing bulk orders with grain distributors to obtain more purchasing power.